“Senka Perfect Whip Berry Bright” new whipped foam

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Senka Perfect Whip Berry Bright” new whipped foam. In today’s environment that we are facing. It can be full of dust, smoke, dirt and pollution, including wearing a mask every day. May cause the skin under the mask to be clogged with moisture. until being one of the causes of acne. And the skin does not look bright “Senka”, a cleansing and skin care brand from Japan. move forward to refresh Restore brightness to the skin. Responding to different skin care needs with the launch of a new whipped foam ทางเข้า ufabet cleanser #Clear pink without makeup. SENKA Perfect Whip Berry Bright that helps the skin to be clean even PM 2.5 ** thick, soft, micro-molecule whipped foam. double Deeply cleanses the skin* Combining “Red Berry” with small beads. Helps gently exfoliate skin cells* every day Provides beautiful, clean, clear, pinkish skin, healthier, more juicy and bright.

whipped foam cleanser Senka’s signature granular foam. Brightens, pinkish-looking, healthy-looking skin with ingredients from the Red Berry family, including “raspberry and cranberry”, to refresh dull and tired skin. to come back alive Ready to give skin radiance and Antioxidant properties with ingredients from “Japanese Yoshino Cherry Extract” to help remove dead skin cells * and dirt that clogs the skin. Including revitalizing the skin with Senka’s signature ingredients. Such as ” Double Hyaluronic Acid” and “White Cocoon Essence” that make the skin smooth and soft. More moist Let you fall in love with your skin more than ever.

Experience clean, clear, juicy, bright skin, pink like a berry. With whipped foam cleanser from Senka New! SENKA Perfect Whip Berry Bright is now available at leading stores nationwide.