Certain foods, eating too much can cause insomnia.

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Restful sleep is important to the body. Because if there are days when you don’t get enough rest, you fall asleep and wake up and want to sleep, but cause insomnia. It will have many negative effects on the body, such as the body’s systems not functioning properly. Increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. Problems with the cardiovascular system The immune system is less effective. Recovering from various diseases more slowly, etc., which has many factors, such as environmental problems Loud noises, stress, alcohol, or sleeping on an empty stomach.

Eating foods may make your eyes open all night. If we want to sleep soundly, we must be careful and avoid these foods. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Foods that cause insomnia

  • Energy drinks

It is considered another type of food that has hidden caffeine as well. The caffeine in energy drinks has the same effects as tea and coffee. As a result, we feel energized, refreshed and prevent us from sleeping. Or sometimes it can cause heart palpitations as well.

  • Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic beverages, including various wines, are recommended to avoid drinking before bed. Although in the beginning drinking may cause drowsiness. But after some time has passed, it may cause us to wake up. Because these alcoholic drinks have a diuretic effect. Including may cause a headache. Which results in us being unable to sleep.

  • Green tea,  chocolate, cocoa

For anyone who drinks green tea Cocoa or chocolate before bed These foods may make us unable to sleep. Because chocolate, cocoa, green tea have caffeine in them. Which caffeine has the effect of stimulating the nerves, making us more alert. If you eat food containing caffeine before going to bed It will make us unable to sleep.

  • Water

Don’t be alarmed that drinking plain water will make you unable to sleep. For this matter, it must be said that people who have frequent urination or people who have an overactive bladder, when we drink water it can cause pain to urinate. Especially if we drink water before going to bed, it may cause us to wake up all night and go to the bathroom and cause insomnia. It is recommended that 1 – 2 hours before bedtime avoid drinking water. And before going to bed, go to the bathroom at least once. This will make us sleep longer and sleep soundly.