Causes you should know about unconsciousness

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Many people may have experienced dizziness. Dizziness, staggering, or weak knees when standing up suddenly. And that may be the origin of the disease. or symptoms of dizziness, fainting, and loss of unconsciousness These symptoms are caused by abnormal conditions of the body. which many people may think is caused by exhaustion In fact, it can occur for many reasons. Both stress Low blood pressure, lack of rest, resulting in insufficient blood flow, etc. And it is also a sign of a hidden disease within us.

Syncope is a symptom of lossconsciousness and temporary stability This is generally caused by a temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain. This causes the brain to be temporarily deprived of oxygen. Its characteristic symptoms are acute unconsciousness. It happens momentarily in a short period of time. and able to regain consciousness It will manifest itself in a variety of symptoms.

  • called unconscious
  • He fell to the ground, unable to keep his balance.
  • There may be tenseness in the hands and feet, and the eyes may freeze for a moment.
  • sweating on the face
  • The sick person will not remember the events of the unconsciousness. The duration of the unconsciousness will range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the patient’s original health.

   Some patients There may be symptoms that precede the onset of unconsciousness, such as feeling dizzy, dizzy, wobbly, blurred vision, or seeing flashing lights, cold hands and feet, nausea, etc. Very dangerous, especially for people who have to work at heights or who have to drive. If you frequently have fainting spells, you should see a doctor to determine the cause. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Causes of unconsciousness

  • Caused by an irregular heartbeat coronary artery disease The heart muscle is abnormally thick.
  • Caused by a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. It is often found after certain situations, such as after coughing, sneezing, bending, standing for a long time in crowded places, or hot weather. Afraid of drawing blood, etc.
  • Caused by blood loss or dehydration, such as severe diarrhea. or bleeding in internal organs
  • caused by certain drugs Especially medicines to reduce high blood pressure Prostate medicine antidepressant medication or even diabetes medicine dangerous things

   It is a symptom of loss of consciousness. and temporary stability Generally caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. Will result in dangers such as accidents on the road or while working with machinery, etc., especially in certain occupations that are at high risk, such as drivers, pilots, divers, construction workers. This may cause an accident that is aggravated by a blackout. In the elderly, it is found up to 23%. The incidence of this condition in the general population is found to be 3%. People who have experienced a blackout are 1 in 3 times more likely to have it happen again.