NETO has yet to accept an offer from Napoli

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Barcelona goalkeeper Norberto Murara Neto also wants an additional €300,000 from Napoli’s offer. Which the two sides are likely to reach an agreement soon.

Italian media outlet Tutto Mercato Web reported on Tuesday. That Barcelona goalkeeper Norberto Murara Neto has yet to accept an offer from Napoli. They are ready to pay €2 million a year as the 33-year-old wants an additional €300,000. 

Barcelona have cut Neto from their squad for their pre-season friendly tour in the United States to give the Brazilian goalkeeper a chance to negotiate a new club. But his move to Celta Vigo failed as the Vigo side failed to meet the demands of the 33-year-old goalkeeper. 

While Napoli are looking for an experience goalkeeper to replace David Ospina. He is among the options alongside Paris Saint-Germain’s Gaylor Navas and Kepa R. Chelsea’s Reza Balaga 

According to reports, Napoli offered €2 million a year to Neto for consideration, but the Brazilian goalkeeper has not responded as he wants an additional €300,000. agree soon.

Nevertheless, it is claim the keeper is anticipating the next wage. With the Barcelona ace trying to get an additional €300,000 on the €2m-a-year supply. Talks are anticipated to proceed between the 2 sides. And will probably be fascinating to see if they will attain an settlement within the coming days.