Atalanta suspends Palomino job after failing dop test

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Atalanta has confirmed that José Luis Palomino has been suspend from the club after failing a doping test.

Palomino was randomly tested for doping during pre-season before the start of the new season. Before detecting clostebol metabolite in the body

Such substances are synthetic substances use to increase steroids in the body. Which has been ban by the World Anti-Doping Organization or Wada at this time.

Atalanta therefore announce the suspension of the 32-year-old defensive line in order to expand the results of further examinations to be clearer and more detail. And the club’s medical team must list the substances Palomino has used. 

“The National Anti-doping Court, accepting the request made by the National Anti-doping Prosecutor, has proceeded to suspend as a cautionary measure the athlete Jose Luis Palomino,” NADO Italia said in a statement.

Palomino, who joined from Bulgarian side Ludogorets in 2017, has made 203 appearances for the ufabet club.

Atalanta confirmed they had been notified by the Anti-Doping Court about the suspension.

“… while waiting to evaluate the next steps in the process. The substance which the national anti-doping prosecutor report is clostebol metabolite.” Atalanta said in a statement.

The 32-year-old Palomino, who joined Atalanta from Bulgarian side Ludogorets in 2017. He has made 202 appearances for the Bergamo-based club in all competitions. — Reuters